Manufacturing Process

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)

"Sheet Molding Compound" (SMC) is the most active forming method of production of composite material. It is a solidified forming method that quantities of pre-mix materials are input into metal match mold after heating and pressure for solidification.

The advantage of SMC:

1. Automated production.
2. The size of product has high precision.
3. The smooth frame doesn't need to decorate once more.
4. Integrative shape.

The disadvantage of SMC is complicated to make molds and in high cost.
SMC is the composite material, which mixed by plastic resin, filter, hardening agent and modified agent, impregnated in the glass fiber yarn bundle. SMC materials are stacked on upper and lower steel molds.
Heating and pressurizing molds to make SMC materials softened and flow within molds.